Shedding in the Fall

selective focus photography of orange and brown falling maple leaves

Autumn is a time of watching the flowers fade from their summer glory, the leaves on trees turn and the evergreens shed needles.  All of these things can leave us feeling a bit blue until spring comes around when the beautiful flowers begin appearing, vibrant colors spring from the trees and new growth decorates the…

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Easter Thoughts

person holding Easter egg

“Our family doesn’t live close by, so we celebrate holidays with friends.” “When your kids grow up, they have their own lives, so we make plans with our friends.” “Since my husband is a cop, we save the big dinner and family celebration for another day.” “When you are single, sometimes holidays are lonely.” “I…

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What’s In A Name?

four markers on table

“Kimberly?!  You have such a beautiful name!” declared the woman behind the counter as I lifted my gaze to meet hers.  She was impeccably dressed and continued with a dignified southern drawl, “You know that your mother chose that beautiful name for you?  I hope that you always go by Kimberly.  Your mother meant for…

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The Lore of Hot Cocoa

Chocolate coffee

Hey Friends, Although many of you are well into the springtime warmth, here in Colorado we are still in the throes of our crazy weather mix of spring rain, snow and the occasional 60 degree days.  So, it seemed timely to whip up one more batch of Hot Cocoa Mix  yesterday before we trade it…

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Just Like My Dad!

silhouette of man throwing girl in air

“Oh my goodness, I have become my dad!”  The thought made me crack up.  It became clear that as I had focused on the task at hand, I was hungry, distracted and not enthused.  I grabbed a handful of pistachios and sat down with determination to get the thoughts out of my mind and into…

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Remember To Forget

silhouette of woman raising her right hand

There were those words again: “I can’t believe that you were abused.  You just don’t act like you were abused.”  The first time I heard them it was startling.  My mind went jumping from thought to thought: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Exactly what does an abused person act like?  I…

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Making Markers For Growth

green and white Mile 111 road marker

Brad, my intuitive husband, came in the other day and held his phone up to the kitchen window and stood there looking outside.  When I asked what he was doing, he commented that he couldn’t tell how much my flower garden had grown, so he was comparing a photo of the newly planted beds with…

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Butterflies and Sunlight

brown butterfly on flower

There have been dozens of butterflies in our yard the past month. They are beautiful and honestly, quite distracting.  I cannot measure the amount of time I spend each day staring out the window at them. It brings me joy that they flock to the hyssop, butterfly bush, catmint and alyssum that I planted for…

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