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Kimberly Oaster is passionate about helping women live in the truth of God’s word. Having seen God change her own life over and over, she knows the potential for life change in other people. She is able to take real life situations and show how they intersect with the Bible, making them easy to understand. Kimberly has a deep commitment to letting people know that God loves them right now, today, as they are. You’ll love the way Jesus is reflected in her gracious, yet straightforward communication as she challenges people to walk in truth.

She and Brad, her husband, have consulted with more than 200 churches across the United States helping them bring the love of Jesus to their communities. Kimberly’s attention to detail shines as she designs children’s spaces and buildings for growing churches. She is a big believer in having a place in your local church.

Kimberly and Brad have been married 39 years and live in Colorado. They have three grown children and are crazy about their 5 granddarlings.

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